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The 300 "Celebrity" Workout

Burn more fat in 6 weeks than you ever thought possible

The 300 workout is used by male and female Celebrities across the globe to achieve a perfect lean body extremely fast.

Dan, our client and the winner of our first 300 abs competition can tell you just how effective this really is...

"I just followed the easy abs meal plan provided by Weights, which is a HUGE amount of food to eat everyday but helped me save lots of money from not eating at restaurants. I took their orange muscle pump shooter and did the 300 workouts for 6 weeks. I’m totally thrilled with the results I was able to make in very little time and to make it ever better, I won some cash!" Dan K.


“300 Buddy training package”

2 train at the same time for just 25.00 each per session.

“Individual 300 training package”
Take the 6 week “300” transformation for just 44.00 per session

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