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The problem of "spot" or site specific fat loss... 

Losing fat....or gaining the result of lifestyle focussing on stress, healthy broad-based nutrition, and appropriate exercise and activity, all of which either optimize or undermine our body processes.  Our bodies are genetically coded to be lean, so getting the factors right means activating our natural genetic inclination to get and stay lean.  

Unfortunately, in losing fat, our healthy lifestyles don't allow us to determine where we lose or retain fat.  Spot fat reduction is not possible simply through healthy lifestyles.  What do you do if you've incorporated healthy choices and are slimming down, yet have some stubborn fat deposits and you want to speed the fat loss?  Or what if you have an upcoming event that you want to look absolutely fabulous for - without the love handles or the extra cellulite or width on the thighs?

We can help you.  

We've introduced some proven modalities that are body friendly, non invasive, and approved.  They really do work!  We wanted treatments that would give people effective options other than expensive and potentially risky surgical procedures like surgical liposuction.  Using energy modalities of laser light, sound waves, and stimulating the lympathic system to discharge fat content fit with our overall philosophy to try to offer solutions that are as natural as possible.  

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