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Your Skin is the Picture of Your Health...

Your skin is one of the most powerful communicators about your health.  Humans are hot-wired to consciously and subconsciously react to healthy skin.  Our skin “packaging” shows others what’s going on inside us.  At Weights, we have a variety of services dedicated to skin fitness.  All of the procedures are non invasive modalities that roll back the effects of aging and poor health of the skin, each with a special focus in repairing and de-aging skin.

Besides “de-aging”, literally and not simply cosmetically, the services can be remarkable for undoing a variety of damage to the skin....from excess skin, thinning skin, stretch marks, wrinkles and age spots to acne scars and keloid scars.  Since your body is not a machine, we also provide direction on how to eat to support your skin health and how nutrients optimize the effects of our procedures.

Micro Needling (Electro Collagen Induction Therapy)

This is perfect for any type of scar including acne scars and deeper wrinkles.  This treatment is done once a month, up to 6 treatments. It’s more aggressive than other treatments and will be 2 days downtime of having a red sunburnt looking face. It also tightens skin.

          Details coming soon...

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