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Non-surgical facelift

The non-surgical facelift combines 3 effective treatments for a triple-tier effect:

- Radio Frequency Skin Re-Collagenization

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- No-Needle Mesotherapy

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- EMS (Electric Muscle Stimulation) Facelift

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Radio Frequency Skin Re-Collagenization

The key benefits of radio frequency treatments are the ability to stimulate a recollagenization, or rejuvenation, of the skin, reducing or eliminating fine lines and wrinkles.

No-Needle Mesotherapy

The advantage of including no-needle mesotherapy is to infuse the skin with hyalluron, the natural material found in our skin and joints that is responsible, among other things, for retaining water.  As we age, our skin produces less hyalluron.  The plumping of the skin lasts for about 6 months.  This works well with radio frequency because the new collagen growth stimulated by it takes about 6 months to come to full effect.  This provides a natural looking blended process:  as the hyalluron is slowly absorbed by the body, the new collagen is taking it's place.  

- EMS (Electric Muscle Stimulation) Facelift

The two main components of an aging face, producing lines and wrinkles, are:

1.  a thinning skin that is losing it's elasticity, and

2.  atrophying facial muscles that are no longer able to hold the skin in place as they weaken, allowing it to droop, shift, and sag.  

Rf skin re-collagenization and no-needle mesotherapy treat the skin, but EMS treats the muscles, strengthening them so that they return to doing their job of holding the skin (and face parts, like the nose and ears) in place.  

In combination, these three treatments get powerful results.

Another powerful tool is a fractional carbon dioxide laser treatment.  This was made famous by Madonna - the Madonna Eyelift -  for the incredible work it did, with a very natural look.  Ask us about what we can arrange for you!  

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