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How to book your own online therapy session...

This page is for the use only of therapy clients of Weights!

If you've never had a service at Weights before and would like to book a service, you can contact us directly and we'll be very happy to answer any questions that you may have.  To book your appointment directly, it's really very, very easy: 


1.  Select a service

2.  Select the Provider of the service
3.  Select the Date and Time of the service
4.  Provide your name and contact information
5.  Confirm your appointment

If everything has been entered correctly, you will receive an email confirmation of your booking, as will the technician you have booked with.


You see, it's really very simple! 

Now, you're ready to book yourself in!  Please click the "Book your appointment here!" button, below, to select your perferred time, then click the "Buy Now" button to confirm your appointment by paying the Reservation Fee:

If you have not already prepaid for a service, or are not a member of a corporate plan, please press the Paypal button, below, to pay the Reservation Fee.  For your reservation to be valid, you will need to pay the Reservation Fee of $60 + HST which will go towards the payment of your therapy.  This is NOT an additional cost, but it does ensure that you are serious about booking.  You will NOT have to pay the Reservation Fee if you are reserving a session as part of a pre-paid package.  For services with only minor charges (valued at less than $60), and for any questions about payment, please contact Kurt at 604 327 5453, or Bryan at 604 721 6413.

Your payment will be refunded in full to you in the event of cancellation if you give us at least a full 48 hour notice of cancellation via email or text.  Thank you for your business, and your consideration!  We look forward to your full satisfaction.

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