Here's what a few of our clients have said about us:


.....and a few others....

"If it wasn't for these guys my mental state, overall health would be horrible. They offer so much more than just a work out! Lots of great products."

Shawn Fullerton

"Member for 3 months. Trainers are personal, driven and know how to challenge and push you towards a better body. Don't come here if you're looking for a traditional checklist workout."

Giuseppe Vienderatti


"Been a fitness client for 4 years and absolutely love it."

Mandeep Khera


"I just returned from my Doctor where I had to face the music from the medical test I took last week. This is the first time I have passed everything. Blood Pressure was normal, cholesterol etc good. Even my liver??? This was the best results I have had in years. And I wasn't even on any medication, just Bryan's simple recommendations"

Bruce Ward

"I am feeling wonderful since I started. I can't believe I actually look forward to the workouts. There's a great sense of humour which makes the time go by faster and gets me doing stuff I never thought I would be able to -- and I have lost nearly 9 pounds since I started. I have no trouble visualizing how great I am going to look and feel -- There is no stopping me now! Thanks!"

Beth Martlew

"I signed up with Bryan coming on two years ago and have not looked back. He offers great insight into his personal one-on-one training and it shows in all aspects of his profession.  I felt very comfortable with Bryan and he has a good sense of humour which to me is very important to me. I raise my hand to Bryan and a big Thank You, you have been great."

Don Wilson

Colin Whyte
Elishia Sahota
Tim Mason
Teresa Marie South
Mason Trafford
Jessica Verheyden
David Atkins
Allison Einarson
Brandon Tomaschefski
Susan Fox
Dan Kennedy
Gwendolyn Margetson