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Weights’ approach to fitness isn’t unique...but it’s not common in Vancouver.  Our approach is confirmed time and time again by the top metabolic, health and fitness experts.  It’s really no big secret, but it takes some passion and vision to understand what it’s about.  Be sensitive and sensible about how the body works and similar conclusions come through – great minds think alike. Keep it intense and keep it short!  The body dictates that the OPTIMAL workout takes place in 30 minutes or less.  Can your current trainer deliver?  

It’s not easily copied.  That’s because it requires both a deep and broad knowledge of how the body actually works, and a passionate interest to ensure this gets translated into each client’s unique circumstances.  The body is genetically structured for optimal results with at most 30 minute workouts.  This dictates a small, dedicated space where clients can be focussed on privately and intensely by expert trainers.  It’s very difficult to effectively duplicate this approach in a large public gym.  One on one private training, only one client at a time is where the best results are, period. 

This is complemented by indepth nutritional direction that is practical.  We evaluate and integrate the vast knowledge coming out regularly from the world of nutrition, including the evolving understanding of useful and healthy supplements.  Eating healthy is about understanding the body dynamics and working with these...and not about depriving the body of needed building blocks.  All our fitness programs come with a detailed meal plan, with personalization options.

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Whether you're flying freestyle with your goals, and you know your destination with the precision of a homing pigeon, just needing an Expert to interpret those goals into your body....or whether you need some help articulating your goals beyond "get lean and toned", we have the approach and style for you.

Celebrity Fitness Packages
​...for those who need help defining their goals, ​you
​selecting from the menu what looks good
​can make the process more fun!


​Some people find operating their body is like manouvering in an alien landscape, and get a lot of comfort with a roadmap (structure) in addition to the destination (goals).  


​Besides breadth and variety, our programs are fluid and flexible.  Whatever your needs, we'll have the right program for you.  



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