Fitness Artist Sessions...

Weights One on One Fitness Arstist Sessions include:

• Custom and effective fitness programs:  Clients generally begin seeing changes in 2-3 weeks!

• Variable session lengths that suit your needs and focus: 

          Intense and efficient 30 minute workouts for optimal anaerobic stimulation;

          Full form 60 minute workouts, including warmup, aerobic and anaerobic stimulation,

               and isometric training (mobility and stability);

          45 minute workouts for select combinations of body stimulation

• Private one on one sessions with a fitness artist/trainer

• Easy to follow fitness meal plans with all the healthy nutrients and building blocks

• Laid back atmosphere in a clean and safe environment

• Flexible schedules to fit your busy schedule

• Use of an extensive variety of equipment
• Bring your own music or kickass with our beats
• Payments: cash, cheque, eTransfer, debit card, VISA, MASTERCARD and AMEX accepted

Sergio 2 months
Sergio 2 months
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Sergio 2 months
Sergio 2 months
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Cam 3 months
Cam 3 months
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Tolga 3 months
Tolga 3 months
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One on One (for pairs/partners add 50%) 

Today you see it everywhere - all the fads, fitness gimmicks, nutritional supplements. It can leave you confused and frustrated. Weights' One on One training delivers to every fitness level.  One on One training is personal training at its most effective.

​Weights offers a number of packages suited for all goals. If you do not feel any of the packages below meets your needs, please let us know and we would be happy to discuss a custom package

Transformation package  18 hours / $1,649

          18 to 36 sessions, depending on goals

         *BEST VALUE

Great for people who require that extra support for rehabilitative programs/sport specific training or to just transform your body into a whole new you. Your body will love you for this one!

• Price per session as low as $45.80

• 1.5 to 4 months of consistent workouts (based on 2-3 time a week)
Monthly payment option is available for this package. Please contact us directly to arrange.


Combat fat          
10 hours (10-20 sessions) / $999

This package is perfect if you are trying to beat the battle of the bulge. Personalized and individualized attention with your specific goals in mind!

• Price per session as low $49.95



Other Packages and Prices...

Fitness 101          2 hours (3-4 sessions) /  $299

A must for first timers, learn new exercises to create some new life to your ordinary program. This package is well suited to you if you are new to the world of fitness. Weights will teach you the basis to getting fit and how to do it.

• Price per session as low as $74.75

Maximize your workouts     3 hours (4-6 sessions) / $399

Short on time? Learn time management skills to incorporate fitness into your life.  Learn new techniques to improve the effectiveness of your workouts.

• Price per session as low as $66.50

The anatomy of consistancy    6 hours (6-12 sessions) / $699

Having problems sticking with your workouts?
This one is for you! This one gives you the confidence and motivation to workout effectively on your own.


• Price per session as low as $58.25