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The "Fine Print" - Fitness Training

• All prices are shown in Canadian funds.

• Weights welcomes payment methods including cash (paid in person - DO NOT MAIL CASH), cheque, debit cards, e-transfers, VISA and MASTERCARD.

• All sales are final.  No refunds are given.  

• You may be required to fill out medical and fitness goal forms on your first visit to Weights.

• You will be required to attend the gym at 54 West Pender Street for your sessions.  If you prefer to be trained at another location, you will be responsible for all additional time and transportation costs to and from that location for the trainer, plus whatever fees may be required by the gym of your choice.  

• Please be sure to consult your doctor before participating in any fitness plan/meal plan.  Written medical permission from your doctor may be required in certain circumstances.  

• Weights reserves the right to refuse service.  Weights treats all clients respectfully and with dignity and requires the same treatment from clients.  Abusive language or attitudes will not be tolerated.  Weights does not give refunds.  

• Sessions must be used within 6 months of purchase or are forfeited unless mutually agreed rescheduling is arranged between the client and Weights. 

• Packages can not be unilaterally shared or transferred unless a gift card has been purchased (pre paid) for the purpose of gifting sessions, or written authorization from Weights has been obtained.

• You are expected to turn up for your appointments and will forfeit a session if the session is missed.  Weights requires at least 24 hours prior notice about a rescheduled session, preferably  by text or email.  Weights reserves the right to charge for cancelled sessions without at least 24 hours prior notice.  

• Suitable footwear (running shoes or similar) and appropriate gym clothes are mandatory for all Fitness Sessions.

• Weights reserves the right to change prices/package contents at any time but which will not affect packages already purchased.

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