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Corporate fitness needs are complex:  they are a group of individual needs where a relevant yet dynamic and flexible support is created within the parameters of each company's  vision and mandate.  We've worked with a variety of companies with very different mandates and approaches.  

Understanding what individuals need and want, and how their company sees it supporting them are all part of the planning and delivery process.  

One of the core ways that we've been especially relevant has been to help companies look at motivation in ways other than underwriting or subsidizing individual efforts, or that directional interaction by the company can be more than, or other than,  fostering team competition, and to understand that there are tangible and measurable benefits in getting the approach right.  

Woven into the matrix of a corporate fitness or wellness program are the individual and unique personal goals of participating employees, the influence of the company's culture on individual participation and the degree of company involvement.

We'll be happy to discuss how we can help your company.  You just have to ask.  

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