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Nutrition is the heart of transformation...

You are what you eat...

Nutrition is where fitness happens.  Our optimal body shape and composition TOTALLY depends on how we eat....and how we eat is determined by the kind of exercise we do and how well we manage stress.

That said, today's world of nutrition is an apocalyptic stew ranging from healthy and pure organics to commercially allowed deadly and genetically damaging toxins, added from the field through the kitchen to the the growing understanding of natural toxins that plants create themselves, and beyond.  Besides dealing with what to eat to lean out and muscle up, we are having to confront the reality of selecting our foods to avoid genetically damaging ourselves and inducing deadly conditions.

We provide well researched and effective direction in this confusion.

Our fitness packages come with customized meal plans.  While we have a lot of clarity about what works and doesn't work with the body's metabolism, we understand that a number of factors, including stress, have a BIG impact on how our clients eat, and modifying eating habits in a sustainable way is a BIG lifestyle change.   We also explain our principles and direction - knowing why we're eating what we are (or not eating some things) is an important motivator.  We're all adults who make our own decisions.  

We're there with more than just a list of do's and don't's.  We care about the success that your eating has on your transformation.  You'll thank us if we take your eating more seriously than you do at times.  

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