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Celebrity Programs...


It's easy for naysayers to dismiss, but one of the crazy yet wonderful things in fitness today has been the exponential growth of the athleticism of everyone in the public eye....short of politicians and corporate leaders (for some reason, they're ok with weak and sickly bodies, go figure)

... and the interest of the public in what their idols are doing to keep it happenin'.

Actors and athletes are having more and more demanded of them physically, and it's not just about a pretty face.  The public expectations about what celebrities bodies look like have become excruciating - they get their fitness and nutritional lives discussed and dissected. 

As experts, we know how to fill in the dots, and know what's working and not working for them. We all benefit from that.

This is great because these living models of excellence who do inspire some lazy slugs to get off their asses and get rollin'. 

It gets even better because it's like having a menu with pictures of what the dishes look like.  You select, and we tell you what's involved in getting to look like that.  

We have a variety of Formatted Programs, based especially on what more and more celebrities have had to undergo to prepare for roles.  This means the preperation times for these roles can dovetail nicely into time frames that average people can work at.  Beyond preparing for the roles, maintenance is key, and a lot of body wisdom is available to help you maintain the body of your dreams.  

Don't be shy!  Ask about our menu and what's involved with our Celebrity Workouts!

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