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Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) Facelift

Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) Facelift gives Immediate Results

Beyond the many effective treatments we have for skin health, we also have a special treatment for de-aging the tissue of the face underneath the skin!  To complete a rejuvenation face program, we need to tone not only the skin but the facial muscles too – to add volume, combat sagging, and deliver a natural facelift from the inside out. 

Scientific studies show clearly that stimulating exercise slows down the aging process, and actually reverses the aging process in muscle tissue, including the face.  Our facial muscles are subject to deterioration and sagging just as our body muscles are – and they must be exercised and toned in the same fashion. Actually, they need even more attention. All these  muscles under our facial skin are delicate and small, and unlike our body muscles which are attached to bones, these mimetic muscles are attached to skin and give us the ability to have facial expression.
However, finding motivation to regularly exercise the face can be extreme for most of us. Exercising facial muscles on a deep level is not a new concept.  It has great merit, and is proven to work effectively. EMS resolves the motivation and focus problem of facial muscle rejuvenation.  EMS allows the muscles to really be worked and stimulated:

• Lift and stretch the skin, causing lines and wrinkles to smooth out
• Restore radiance and clarity
• Improve blood flow and detoxify the skin
• Enhance the complexion and general health of the skin
• Increase muscle volume, enhancing face definition
• Tighten the jaw line and reduce double chin

EMS is powerfully effective and can accomplish what no other treatment can do for your face.  EMS is a medical grade technology that has been available for 40 years, and is used clinically to restore damaged and atrophied muscles and nerves. Electric impulses travel subcutaneously to the nerve endings just under the skin, causing them to contract and “work” the surrounding muscles, making them more firm and resilient.  The EMS treatment operates in exactly the same way, sending gentle impulses to the underlying facial muscles and exercising them to restore the shape and contour of the face, reduce and tighten sagging skin, and ultimately lift the face from the inside out.  Inside the pads are conductors which deliver the electronic stimulation that gently massage the facial muscles and the nerves that make them work. This movement causes the muscles to contract and relax, and the result is refreshed, toned and a much younger looking face under the skin.  Combining EMS with our skin rejuvenation techniques, we truly roll back time.  

Most clients see a difference after the very first treatment. Treatments take approximately 20-25 minutes.  With a surgical face-lift, the muscles and skin are cut and stretched. Within a few years after a surgical lift, muscles and skin will again begin to sag. The EMS can also be used to enhance or maintain many surgical procedures, providing that the area has completely healed. For the best results, typically 2 to  3 treatments each week for 2 to 3  weeks is recommended; then, one treatment a month for maintenance.

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