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No-Needle Mesotherapy

Needle-less Anti Aging and Fat Burning Treatment 

The idea behind mesotherapy is to get active ingredients, such as enzymes, vitamins, minerals, plant extracts, growth factors, hormones, in small quantities, to areas of the body requiring them by directly injecting them there.  "No-needle" mesotherapy achieves the same result as injection mesotherapy, but without the pain. This pain-free option has a mildly tingling sensation and is generally not uncomfortable. A  major side-effect is laughter as it can often have a tickling effect, so be forewarned!​​

Conditions effectively treated include targeted fat, cellulite and stretch mark reduction, breast firming, treatment for stress related hair loss (alopecia), skin toning, “tired” eyes, dark circles, plus facials for preventative anti-ageing (under 30s), rejuvenating with hyaluronic acid (over 30s), acne stop for mild to moderate acne and mesolift for facial expression lines.

The technician delivers a controlled pulsed low frequency current which ionises the molecules in the active ingredients, and naturally creates small temporary channels in the skin for the ingredients to travel down. The treatments can  penetrate the skin and tissue up to 9 – 10 cms with 90% of the active ingredients being administered. The active ingredients exist naturally in the human body so the  treatment is designed to provide a top-up to increase the body’s ability to burn fat or regenerate tissue, and are  a variety of substances derived from herb and vegetable extracts, as well as human hormones.

For the best results, 6 to 7 treatment sessions are recommended, once a week, and are likely to last about half an hour each. For fat reduction, our very effective eating plan and advice on exercise will also be provided for in between sessions. Maintenance or top-up sessions will generally be required, likely on a monthly basis.

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