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Red Light Therapy, the Proven Collagen Anti-aging Beauty Treatment...

The Red Light anti-aging treatment really can make you look 10 years younger!

Red light therapy is an excellent collagen anti-aging, anti-wrinkle beauty treatment for fine lines and wrinkles, stretch marks, cellulite, Rosacea, pigmentation marks and other skin blemishes associated with aging with outstanding results! 

Red light therapy as a collagen beauty treatment has been widely researched.  Red light therapy has been found to be massively successful for treating the effects of aging and wrinkles and making you look younger.  The anti-aging effects of red light therapy was first carried out by those clever scientists at NASA to aid growing  plants in space. While testing red light , the astronauts benefited vastly. Clinical trials into red light therapy soon followed in the USA and across much of Europe. Red Light Therapy was found to help with many collagen aging effects as well as acne and Rosacea, healing wounds and scarring tissue and many other skin, joint and muscle problems.

As we age from our mid to late 20′s onwards, collagen decreases in our bodies at a rate of around 1.5% per year. Elasin decreases as well.  Both of these proteins are important for the firmness and elasticity (tightness) of our skin.  Progressively, the signs of aging begin to appear:  fine lines, wrinkles, crows feet, as well as age spots or liver spots. Besides lacking the body’s protein construction materials of collagen and elastin, aging skin lacks nutrients generally. This is because the capillaries, the tiny blood vessels that carry blood inside your skin, have become tighter, reducing the nutrient flow.  The reduced blood flow also limits how quickly toxins can be removed from the skin.

Red light therapy triggers several rejuvenating anti-aging effects primarily through stimulating cell renewal:  of the cells of the capillaries, the dermal cells responsible for producing collagen and elastin, as well as other skin cells. The strengthened and repaired capillaries can now carry more blood, bringing proteins and other nutrients  to the skin surface while removing more toxins and waste. Dermal cells now increase the production of collagen and elastin, moisturizing and tightening the skin.  As a result, your skin becomes smoother and younger naturally, hence the anti-aging effects. 

Studies have shown that visible red light therapy penetrates down to the fatty layer of the skin, to the bottom of the dermis, and it also has beneficial anti-inflammatory properties. While red light therapy stimulates the skin’s ability to produce collagen and elastin, it also increases oxygen and nutrients. Red light in the visible light spectra between 600nm and 700nm also stimulates the skin cell’s vitality and permeability. Laboratory studies have shown that skin cells grow up to 150 to 200% faster and deliver powerful therapeutic benefits to living tissue when exposed to certain light wavelengths such as collagen red light therapy.  Research has shown that many people report noticeable results, including improved skin tone, reduction in pore size and the diminished appearance of age spots, fine lines and wrinkles within the first 30-60 days of the collagen therapy treatments. To achieve maximum results requires patience with the body’s natural healing process and a commitment  to follow the red light therapy device manufacturer’s recommended exposure schedule.

Frequent Questions:

What can I expect from collagen red light fluorescent lamps therapy?
Based on research, collagen red light therapy lamps may improve skin tone and texture, control pigmentation spots, reduce pore size, encourage vibrant looking skin, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. The red light therapy also stimulates blood circulation and repairs elastin fibers within the tissue to help keep the skin firm giving the look of young looking skin and the anti-aging effect.

Is collagen red light therapy treatments safe?
Red light therapy emitted from collagen anti-aging lamps is one of the few treatments that gently and harmlessly reduces the signs of aging, rosacea, fines lines and wrinkles. Red light therapy collagen lamps are free from ultraviolet light and are totally pain free.  Red light therapy  does not produce any UV light and so will not give you a sunburn. Since it is a natural part of the light spectrum,  there are no side effects.

When using collagen red light therapy lamps, are there any precautions? 

When using Collagen red light therapy units protective eye wear is recommended that is especially designed to reduce the level of brightness.

Will I get tanned if I go in a full body collagen red light therapy device?
No, collagen red light therapies anti-aging lamps do not radiate UVA or UVB rays which cause tanning.  With red light therapy there is no tanning effect at all.

Red Light Therapy Packages: 

12 sessions (15 mins ea) / $125
36 sessions (15 mins ea) / $299

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